Get your Michigan Medical Cannabis Card

Finding a Medical Marijuana Doctor Near You is Easy:

In 2008 Michigan passed a law allowing for the use of marijuana for medical purposes to treat the symptoms of several diseases. For patients suffering from chronic pain or chronic disease, this provided an alternative, more natural solution for their problems.

Because marijuana is not a pharmaceutical, it cannot be purchased from a pharmacy like traditional medications can. In order to gain access to medical marijuana, patients must have a card indicating their doctor's belief that it would be beneficial to them.  You then have to grow it yourself or have a 'caregiver' grow it for you.

The medical marijuana card is the proof that you have this permission from your doctor. To get a medical marijuana card in Michigan, you must have what is called an "qualifying condition." and the medical records and documentation to support it.

Qualifying Conditions:

torn paper with AIDS typed on it
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for HIV and AIDS
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for HIV Medical Marijuana may help the symptoms of HIV including pain, nausea, and neuropathy. You will need confirmatory blood testing and medication.  Call Denali Healthcare for more information 989-339-4464
Holding hand of sick child
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Hepatitis C
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Hepatitis C You can obtain a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Hepatitis C from Denali Healthcare. Blood work and proof of treatment qualifies you.  Call 989-339-4464 for details.

diagram of eye/glaucome
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Glaucoma
Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma- Denali Healthcare Glaucoma has been a primary indication for medical marijuana due to its effects on intraocular fluid production, absorption and drainage. To qualify you will need medicals record showing glaucoma and treatment.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464
smiling little girl with cancer
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Cancer
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Cancer Patients can obtain a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Cancer with proper documentation. To Qualify you need medical records confirming cancer listing type and current therapy. Call Denali Healthcare 989-339-4464 
Crohn's Disease and Cannabis
Michigan Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Crohns A Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Crohns Disease many help with your symptoms of pain, nausea and inflammation.  To Qualify you need recent medical records confirming the diagnosis and treatment.  Call Denali at 989-339-4464
ice bucket challenge
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for ALS
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for ALS- Denali HealthcareGet your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for ALS. The diagnosis must be confirmed by your medical records.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464
Mother kissing daughter
Michigan Medical Marijuana for Alzheimer's Disease
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Alzheimer's Disease You can obtain a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Alzheimer's Disease. Medical records confirming the diagnosis and a guardian required for certification.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464 for details and an appointment.
Very Thin Man with Wasting
Michigan Medical Marijuana for Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Syndrome and Medical Marijuana- Denali Healthcare Wasting Syndrome is more than being thin or underweight. Poor nutrition impairs the immune system and the body's ability to fight disease.  Medical Marijuana can help stimulate appetite.  Call Denali Healthcare 989-339-4464
Neurons firing
Michigan Medical Marijuana for Pain
Medical Marijuana, Chronic Pain and Inflammation- Denali Healthcare One of the first uses for medical marijuana was for chronic pain. We explore the basis of this use with the endocannabinoid system- Call 989-339-4464 Denali Healthcare
medical marijuana and nausea
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Nausea
Medical Marijuana and Nausea- Denali Healthcare Medical Marijuana has been an effective treatment for nausea due to chemotherapy, hiv, and chronic illness. Bring medical records confirming treatment for nausea with medication.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464
Electrical Storm in the Brain.
Get your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Seizures
How Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy Go Hand in Hand How medical Marijuana and Epilepsy are closely related. the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for the anti-seizure activity of Cannabis.  Current treatment of a seizure disorder and medical records confirming the diagnosis.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464
Neuron image
You can Get your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Muscle Spasm.
The Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Muscle Spasms Michigan Medical Marijuana is approved for use in muscle spasms. The Endocannabinoid system is involved in neuromuscular disease and spasm.  To Qualify you need medical records confirming the diagnosis and showing treatment.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464
rescue of a drowning boy by EMT Robert Townsend
You can get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for PTSD
PTSD Now a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Michigan After two panels, many meetings and scores of public testimony, Lara has officially added PTSD as a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Michigan.  To be certified for PTSD, you must have a FORMAL diagnosis of PTSD from a mental health professional.  Call Denali Healthcare at 989-339-4464


a man with nail patella syndrome
Nail Patella Syndrome
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card for Nail PatellaThe Nail Patella Syndrome is a rare genetic disease characterized by deformed joints and underdeveloped nails. The diagnosis of Nail Patella is documented in your medical records.  Denali Healthcare 989-339-4464

Getting the Recommendation from Dr Townsend and Denali Healthcare

At Denali Healthcare, PLLC, we provide professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications for Michigan patients that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Our evaluations are fully compliant with the bonafide doctor/patient relationship amendment the the MMMA. We were, in fact, among the experts consulted by the Michigan Legislature to help define what a bonafide doctor/patient relationship was as that act was being written.

Denali Healthcare has locations throughout Michigan, with main offices in Ironwood, Marquette, Gaylord, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, Cadillac, Muskegon and Kalamazoo.  We are adding offices in the near future in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Escanaba.  You can easily find a Denali Location Near You. Or call 989-339-4464 and we'll tell you What You Need for Your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card.

If you can have your medical records faxed to one of the Denali Healthcare clinics our staff will help schedule a visit to obtain the recommendations needed to obtain your Medical Marijuana card. We will look at your records, determine if you are a candidate, then make the recommendation for you.

Applying for the Card At Denali Healthcare

Once you have the recommendation, we will print the Michigan Medical Marijuana Form and Dr. Townsend will fill out the designated information on the form. You are then ready to submit the form to the State. The form will have the instructions to submit to the Michigan Department of Community Health. The state government states that you will have your card within 15 days of submission, but give them 20 just to be on the safe side.

Let Us Help Start the Process for You

Getting a medical marijuana card in Michigan is not difficult, if you have one of the conditions for which the use of the drug has been approved. The main challenge has been finding a doctor who is willing to recommend the card. So contact Denali Healthcare today.

We strongly believe that you will experience the benefits of this treatment nearly immediately. Getting your Michigan Medical Marijuana card is simply a matter of coming in to see us with your medical records, filling out some paperwork and waiting for your card to show up in the mail.

Where would you like to go from here?

smiling man with arms crossed.
Michigan Medical Marijuana Card
Denali Heathcare: Michigan: MMMA Card, Medical Marijuana Card, Section 8 Defense Denali Healthcare offers evaluations for Michigan Medical Marijuana Cards under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws. Call 989-339-4464 for details.To Qualify you need current (within 3 years) medical records and must be seen in person by one of our physicians.  Free on line and in person follow up is provided with the cost of your certification and is expected.Most patients can control their symptoms with 1 ounce of cannabis a week or less.We will notify your doctor of your certification if you request us to do so.
Denali Healthcare locations in Michigan Denali Healthcare locations throughout Michigan are connected electronically and offer holistic pain management, suboxone therapy and momma cards.
Denali Healthcare: Michigan: Pain Management, Alternative Medicine, Suboxone Learn about Denali Healthcare and Dr. Bob Townsend. We offer suboxone therapy, MMMA evaluations, and pain management the Denali way. Call today-989-339-4464






Where to Get Your Michigan Cannabis Card

Our Goals:

Denali Healthcare is set up on a 'spoke and wheel' model with a network of fixed offices surrounded by outreach clinics.  All locations in Michigan are connected by our electronic medical record, and each of our Denali Healthcare locations offer full pain management and Suboxone drug therapy (initial evaluations and follow ups) in addition to helping your get your Michigan Cannabis Card. Each of the surrounding outreach clinics offer follow up visits for pain and Suboxone patients.  Medical Cannabis Cards are available at all offices and outreach clinics.

Key Notes:

In addition to the standard medical services offered by Dr. Townsend, Dr. Sarah Starr and their staff, many Denali Healthcare locations in Michigan offer specialized services from acupuncture, massage therapy and lawyer services. More services are being added in 2014. We encourage you to contact us for any answers to your questions and information on our programs. So start the healing process today, and begin your journey to a pain-free lifestyle as soon as possible.

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You have your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card, Now What?

There are over 2000 named strains of Cannabis.  Which is Best for Me???

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There is a website called that has a strain guide with over 1000 strains of cannabis, each of which is identified as indica, sativa, or a hybrid.  Each stain has characteristics, medical uses, and hundreds of reviews from patients all over the country.  For good measure, there are photographs of mature plants.

How do I find a Caregiver?  How do I find Patients? logo is an excellent caregiver/patient matching service.  While not associated with Dr. Bob or Denali Healthcare, we have worked with this site in the past and found it to be professional and secure.  There is no charge for patients to sign up to find caregivers, and caregivers may register and find patients for a small fee.

Are there other helpful links for the Medical Cannabis Community?

Why yes indeed there are.  We have three major ones below- The Michigan Cannabis Patients Forum, The Michigan Compassion Club, and our own On Line Updates.  Denali Healthcare also maintains a list of useful links on their website, you can access it directly by clicking

Denali Helpful Links
Denali Helpful Links